Monday, July 22, 2013

Be An Advocate For Flipping and Blending

Blending and Flipping are only 2 of the various types of online learning that are developing.  The reason we are willing to do the extra work to make this 21st C. type of online learning happen is we want our students to learn. Furthermore, we want to prepare them for the academic and economic world of THEIR future.

We also may possess, or develop in the near future,  a VERY strong conviction about the value of the student centered learning made possible by employing these types of online learning strategies.  We may begin thinking it is not enough to share them with our own students, but with other educators.  THAT way even more students will benefit.

Follow THIS LINK to a document that will provide some basic ideas on how to be an advocate for online learning strategies. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Welcome Post

This is the spot where we will share our ideas and questions.  It IS NOT a place for me,  the lead author, to simply share my thoughts, although I will do so.  It is a place for us to share. Here you can make posts as to: 1) What questions do you have about flipping and blending?, 2) What tools work best to do a particular thing?, 3) After you try something, share what happens.  Include both positives and negatives. We can give each other feedback  and ideas., 4) Share some new online learning tools you have discovered. The more tools the merrier!!!

Always remember, if you want to ask me any questions directly and NOT have them be part of this feed, you may contact me via e-mail at

Keep in mind, this will not be an easy task for you.  Determination must be a big part of your mindset. Some of your co-workers will be afraid of what you are doing. They will give you many reasons why it can't work.  Stay the course.  Work with the conviction that you have a PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY to bring these skills to your students.  If you do not, they are NOT being prepared for the global world in which we are already living.

That being said, be a humble advocate for this type of learning.  Use humor where appropriate.  Do not be afraid to poke fun at yourself, THEN show them data about what it has done for your students.

Along the lines of humor, watch the video below.  Are they really talking about pencils?

P.S. If any of your co-workers show interest in your work, invite them to join our group. They can communicate with me, and I will add them as authors to this BLOG.

P.S. #2: If you need access to the information that will help you learn more about posting to this blog, HERE IT IS.

Humorous Video: