Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Audio as a Learning Tool


(Example of audio file used in online learning [Blended, Flipped, Etc.])

YES, simple audio can be a valuable learning tool to drive various types of Flipping and Blending.  

It can also be easy to make

It can be combined with images and documents (transcripts of what has been recorded serve  as one example)

It can be split up into small manageable chunks

It can be easily differentiated to support needs of challenged learners (include supportive information gathering guides)
It can be used to add an element of humor, which WILL engage your learners (even if they don’t think it is funny).
It can be FREE to do.  Then you get addresses and embed code to use in making the tools available to your students.

The easiest way to do this is with an ipad.  There are a number of free podcast apps that you can use, but the one I will speak about is called Spreaker DJ.  You can access their web site by using THIS LINK, but I will briefly list what I think are some benefits:

2. Easy to record and post
3. Provides both web address and embed code for your recording.
4. Good sound quality
5. Can embed supporting documents on the same Learning Management
   System (Blackboard, Moodle, etc.) page where the recording is
   embedded. These supports could include note guides, Google Forms
   based formative assessments, vocabulary lists, etc.
6. Ability to organize your podcast recordings into “series,” which can help
  students with organizational thinking.
7. Easy access to your recordings.

Laptop Based Spreaker DJ Web Site:

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